Chloride springs | Effective for women disease and moisture your skin

Effects of ONSENs are different per their quality. In this article, we will tell you how good “Chloride springs” is.

What is ONSEN (Hot springs)

ONSEN (hot springs) in Japan means natural hot springs. Japan is volcanic country there fore a lot of ONSEN are exit all over Japan.

The definition of ONSEN is:

  1. The temperture of the source of hotsprings is more than 25℃
  2. Some ingredients which are specified in “Hot springs law” in Japan are included in the hot springs water /1kg.

Chloride springs

What is it?

Chloride springs includes Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, and Lodine.
*The total of above ingredients have to be more than 1g in 1kg hot springs, this is specified in hot springs rule in Japan.
It is salty when you taste. The color is usually transparent but sometimes it is slightly green or reddish brown because of iron. 50% of the ONSEN in Japan is Chloride springs.

Basic effects of ONSEN

All Hot springs are basically effective for Neuralgia, Muscle pain, frozen shoulder, Joint pain, paralysi, Joint stiffness,bruise, Sprain, Hemorrhoids, Digestive System Disease, Poor circulation, Recovery from fatigue, Health improvement, Convalescence.

*ONSEN is not necessarily to recover completely but it is said that it can relieve them.

The effects only for Chloride springs

The only effect that Chloride springs have is:

  1. Moisture your skin
  2. The salt included in springs form a film and it prevent from evaporation of sweat. That’s why it can moisture your skin. Alkaline hot springs can make your skin smooth but it can’t moisture. This is the big difference between them. Chloride springs can remove the old dead cells then moisture your skin.

  3. Promote blood circulation
  4. Because of preventing from evaporation of sweat, it breaks the tension of the muscles and promote blood circulation. It also makes you feel relaxed.

  5. Promote hormone
  6. It promotes the estrogen and is effective for period pain or women’s disease.

  7. Bactericidal effects
  8. The salt included in the chloride springs has Bactericidal effects therefore it can relieve your skin disease, cut and burn.

Find Chloride springs in Japan

The quality of ONSEN are different. You have to look for the ONSEN which you want to visit. The popular chloride springs are: Noboribetsu ONSEN (Hokkaido pref) / Arima ONSEN (Hyogo pref) / Iwaki Yumoto ONSEN (Fukushima pref).

Enjoy ONSEN trip in Japan!


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