Alkaline simple hot springs | make your skin smooth!

Effects of ONSENs are different per their quality. In this article, we will tell you how good “Alkaline simple hot springs” is.

ONSEN (Hot springs)


The definition of ONSEN is:

  1. The temperture of the source of hotsprings is more than 25℃
  2. Some ingredients which are specified in “Hot springs law” in Japan are included in the hot springs water /1kg.

What is “Simple hot springs”?

“Simple hot springs” is just a hot spring which meets the requirement (1) that I wrote above.

Alkaline simple hot springs

Alkaline simple hot springs?

Alkaline simple hot spring is a hot springs which pH is more than 8.5.

Basic effects of ONSEN

All Hot springs are basically effective for Neuralgia, Muscle pain, frozen shoulder, Joint pain, paralysi, Joint stiffness,bruise, Sprain, Hemorrhoids, Digestive System Disease, Poor circulation, Recovery from fatigue, Health improvement, Convalescence.

*ONSEN is not necessarily to recover completely but it is said that it can relieve them.

The effects only for Alkaline hot springs

And the only effect that Alkaline hot springs have is:

  • Remove the dead skin cells
  • Promote fast metabolism

This means that Alkaline hot springs are best for beautiful skin!
You feel slippery when you take Alkaline simple hot springs and this makes your skin smoothly. Additionally, when you usually take Alkaline simple hot springs, it can remove your dullness of your skin.
The more pH is higher, the more it is effective. You have to moisture your skin after taking it.

Find Alkaline simple hot springs in Japan

Alkaline simple hot springs are called “Hot springs for the beauty skin”. They are at all over Japan.The popular alkaline simple hot springs are:
Ryujin ONSEN (Wakayama pref) / Kawanaka ONSEN(Gunma pref) / Yunohana ONSEN (Shimane pref)


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